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The Elusive Tricocereus

The bloom of the tricocereus is exquisite, but fleeting. This cactus is so stunning that you put it in your garden where it will stand out. Where you should plant it, however, is where you would normally fall over it on any given day. I use the word "day" with purpose because the bloom will unfold and disappear in a single day. If you miss it, well, you missed it. If you are lucky, the plant will have more than a single bloom and your finding the spent bloom and additional buds will alert you to watch like a hawk for additional bloom.

When the Wind Blows

The wind blew today, hot and dusty with lots of fuzzies from Mesquite trees and Desert Broom.  For some reason, it made me think of a memorable day in my childhood although today's wind and dust did not compare to that awesome day.

 Dad and I were at Granddad Pepperd's farm on the plains of Kansas. The year was 1939 or there about.  It was a hot summer morning, but not so hot that a playful child would stay inside.

The Utter Joy of Spring

Spring is my favorite time of year. It brings back joyful memories. Spring of course gets all mixed up with Easter time. For Easter, we got new clothes. Looking back on it though, it is hard to believe that everything was new, from underwear to shoes and socks, but that is how I remember it.