The Elusive Tricocereus

The bloom of the tricocereus is exquisite, but fleeting. This cactus is so stunning that you put it in your garden where it will stand out. Where you should plant it, however, is where you would normally fall over it on any given day. I use the word "day" with purpose because the bloom will unfold and disappear in a single day. If you miss it, well, you missed it. If you are lucky, the plant will have more than a single bloom and your finding the spent bloom and additional buds will alert you to watch like a hawk for additional bloom.

I'm not fond of cactus per se. My Grandmother White proudly grew cactus in her dining room window seat. As a child I played under the table and occasionally tangled with a cactus. My loving grandmother actually displayed more concern for those thorny things than she did for her first granddaughter. I was not used to coming in second with anybody or anything, but Grandmother did pass on her passion for nurturing and growing things. So here I am in Tucson, Arizona where cactus is practically the only thing that will grow. It's insane! Petunia is my favorite flower.

That said, I do maintain a passion for flowers that glow, and the tricocereus blooms all glow with light. With their many colors, it is hard to pick a favorite. The transluscent quality of the petals nearly takes your breath away, but if you see a bloom, quick, grab your camera! Your errand can probably wait, but the tricocereus bloom will not. It is either opening or closing, and all on the same day. The good news is that the blossom indelibly etches itself in your mind. If you take up yoga and need a bloom for your peaceful focus. Tricocereus will work beautifully.