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Ted U Are

I do not like it Ted U Are

I do not like tactics bizarre

I do not like them in a car

I do not like them from afar

I do not like tactics bizarre

I do not like them, Ted U Are

Love of Spring

 No fooling, it’s spring

            And so come what may

Outside it’s gorgeous,

            A beautiful Day

White swirls on the ridge

            Are clouds in the sky

Come frolic with me

            Just you and just I

You say you feel down,

            Please look above.

What do you see?

                                                                                                 What’s not to love?

Irresistible Faces

gadzoo_1_smallWhat makes a face irresistible? Is it a light in the eyes or a particular sort of smile? Whatever it is generally, that quality pounced off the newprint at me a year or two ago. I ripped it out of the paper without even noticing what it advertised. This comic smile has brightened the days from the top of my rolltop desk. I cannot look at this picture without at least a matching grin, and often I laugh. He inspired a little verse.

Then one day I got to wondering about who owns this happy little guy and what his name might be. I can see the collar and tag around his neck. Finally I found the picture again in an Gadzoo advertisement for World of Pets Unleashed. I want the world to know that this kindred soul will always be welcome here. We'll laugh away the days together. What could be more enjoyable?