Peggy Greene

I am best described as a person with a long nose and a tremendous overbite, or perhaps I just promised myself through all those busy years in the work-a-day world that I would get to this thing and that thing later, always later. By the time I retired from the world of banking software, there was a tremendous backlog of unfulfilled promises that I’m only beginning to get to after six years of so-called retirement. It is not unlike stuffing two pounds of springy marshmallows into a one pound bag. You open the bag to get one, and whoa, look out! In this case, the urges and the ideas come flying out so fast you sometimes need to duck.

So, I’m writing, I’m painting, I’m photographing and I’m swimming in a sea of new technologies and feeling very challenged. If you want to live in this 21st Century, you have to live online and connected. You need to blog, to tweet, to text, to face connected people, some of whom you would swear are showing you the backside, not the face. Every time I get a toe-hold on the beach of competence, the technological waters swell, and I have to swim for my life all over again.

But hey, come join me in exploring this fantastic, dynamic world of sharing and communication. I double dare you to comment. I'll be posting some of my writing to this site. If you like it or hate it, tell me why. I'm weird enough to like it either way.

I'm a member of the National Association of Professional Women, The Southwest Authors Guild (SWAG) and Red River Writers (RRW) with April Robins. I'm one of April's hosts on Some of my work is in April's Ezine, Robin Falls Magagine. My BTR show is on the 2nd Monday of each month where Jon Magee and I interview a fascinating array of authors. Our show is called Red River Writers Live. And I'm just starting; look out world! If you can't have fun, why bother?