Irresistible Faces

gadzoo_1_smallWhat makes a face irresistible? Is it a light in the eyes or a particular sort of smile? Whatever it is generally, that quality pounced off the newprint at me a year or two ago. I ripped it out of the paper without even noticing what it advertised. This comic smile has brightened the days from the top of my rolltop desk. I cannot look at this picture without at least a matching grin, and often I laugh. He inspired a little verse.

Then one day I got to wondering about who owns this happy little guy and what his name might be. I can see the collar and tag around his neck. Finally I found the picture again in an Gadzoo advertisement for World of Pets Unleashed. I want the world to know that this kindred soul will always be welcome here. We'll laugh away the days together. What could be more enjoyable?

Ode to an Unknown Little Friend
Little friend, who are you
With your comical smile?
Who captured you here
As you sat for a while?
Your grin lights my day
As you beam down on me.
Please be cuddled and loved
As you ought to be.
Please have a good home
Free from worry or fear.
May the trust in your eyes
Shine on those you hold dear