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  • Out of the Fog


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  • Advice From A Pro

    Advice From A Pro

    From the Family Circle Magazine of March 27, 1978, I tore out a page and each time over the intervening 35 years that I ran across it, I’ve reread that page and tucked it away again. I think it was because I saw myself in the person the writer described. I just found that page again after another move, and I really must share it with others.

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  • Ted U Are

    Ted U Are

    I do not like it Ted U Are

    I do not like tactics bizarre

    I do not like them in a car

    I do not like them from afar

    I do not like tactics bizarre

    I do not like them, Ted U Are

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  • Remembering Dad

    Remembering Dad

    My father Merrill Pepperd was known as an unusual man, but not for the obvious reason that he was deaf. He was perceptive, charming, intelligent and adventurous. He was born in 1897, the second in a family of six. This picture was taken of him in 1922 in Klamouth Falls, Oregon. That is a long way form Comanche County, Kansas where he was born and grew up. I've often wondered what drew him to that place, but he became known to the family for his wanderlust. That wasn't always good with young mouths to feed.

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  • Nicodemus


    On the farm we had a rather small black dog named Nicodemus. Brother always claimed the family dog, and this one truly lead a dog’s life. My sister and I used to dress him up in girl’s clothing, paint his nails red, and push him around in a doll buggie. Nicodemus rather liked the attention, but it drove our brother crazy. Mind you, it was a short drive, and Sissie and I were experts at finding our older brother’s raw nerves. Any entertainment on a busy farm is sparse, but dressing a male dog in drag was an unthinkable outrage from brother's perspective.

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