The Creative Tug

Is there such a thing as a creative mind? Is creativity a mark of genius, insanity or plain necessity? My hunch is that it is often a combination of the three with necessity leading the pack.

Have you ever heard someone pronounce that they inherited absolutely no creative talents?

That is a creative statement. I wasn't aware that creative thinking is congenital although I would include personality as a factor. Is that born or developed? Good question, which is it? Moreover, as a former manager, I never met an uncreative employee when to came to explaining tardiness or absence. That would again point to necessity, at least as inspiration.

Whatever serves as the root of creative effort, it is lost without confidence. To produce something requires the risk of failure as well as the thrill of accomplishment. Failures are as important as successes because learning what doesn't work is invaluable. Our best teachers help us understand that. What does that have to do with writing or art work or the art of living? Everything, simply everything!