Blogging and Me

Somehow the first real blog on one's website should be special so I was dithering over what to write about. In the process, I ran across a video of a 13-year-old who was playing the 1801 version of The Last Post...

From this lovely refrain, the familiar Taps was born. The clear, sweet notes from her trumpet turned us all inward. You could see it in faces of the audience and the orchestra. We all know why Taps is usually played. It seems so appropriate at this tragic time in history when there are so many kinds of upheaval and violence that an earnest young person would remind us that life also has its sweet and beautiful moments. It isn't that we don't have to deal with the tragedies and the violence, but we do need to look for and feel beauty, even if we have to turn inward to find it. It was a lovely gift that lifted my spirits, and I hope it lifts yours as well.